After my mother passed away, my two brothers, sister, and I went to live with grandma Mickey in Overland, a neighborhood in St. Louis, MO; I was seven. Mickey’s door was always open. Her dinner guests included everyone from the mayor and the local priest to the neighborhood baseball team. Everyone was welcome. To her, we are all family. Grandma Mickey’s calling was spreading joy to others through her warm hospitality.

She also had a shop in town selling party supplies, fresh baked sweets, and candy. When people in the neighborhood got married, Mickey made the desserts for the reception – everything from the top of the wedding cake down to the spread of pies and cookies on the table surrounding it. Her recipes were so sought after that she was asked to publish a “recipe of the week” in the Sunday paper. It was always a treat coming home to the smell of fresh baked cookies.

I’ve always wanted to show my gratitude for her selflessness in raising us, and the fond memories she gave me growing up. The bright colors, the sweet smell of caramel and chocolate…it is all still so vivid. When I think of sweets, I think of Grandma Mickey.

Then one day it occurred to me; I’ll open a candy shoppe that would do the same for the folks in my own neighborhood. It would be a place to indulge the senses as well as a meeting spot for people to connect, somewhere our community, young and old, can come together and create life-long memories. And so Sweet Mickey’s was born.

Randy Brinker, Owner
Sweet Mickey’s