Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision
To continue the long-standing tradition of a neighborhood candy store bringing families and the community closer together by creating life-long memories.

Our Mission
To be recognized as the neighborhood’s favorite candy store – a destination for sweets, gifts, and good times. We define the communities we do business in by actively engineering and participating in quality customer experiences.

Our Values
Take quality seriously…

The products we sell should be the highest quality, measured not only by caliber but also by the customer’s perception of value received for money paid. We all take responsibility for the quality of our work, and continuously strive to improve.

Empower employees to bring their best selves to work…
Sweet Mickey’s is founded on diversity and we believe that when people are given the opportunity to rise to the occasion, they will. It’s our goal to provide a relaxed, fun work environment where people can express themselves because we feel they will be healthier and more productive that way.

Support the communities we live in…
We enjoy seeing our community grow and prosper and believe in supporting that by investing time and resources in improving the quality of life for the people and businesses within it.

Our suppliers are our customers too…
It is imperative to the success of our business to have solid and honest relationships with our suppliers and to give them fair and equitable treatment, as we do for all customers.